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Return & Refund Policy

Return & Refund Policy

Refund policy

1. Cancellation of Orders:

At, we strive to provide you with the best customer experience. However, please note that once an order is dispatched, it cannot be canceled under normal circumstances.


2. Return and Refund Guidelines:

We want to ensure your satisfaction with every purchase. If you believe you are eligible for a refund, please follow these guidelines:

  • Unboxing Video: To be eligible for a full refund, you must provide an unboxing video that includes the original shipping box and demonstrates the condition of the product. The unboxing video is required to verify the product's condition at the time of delivery.

  • Meeting All Guidelines: Refunds are processed based on whether the product meets all our refund guidelines.

3. Eligibility for Return and Cancellation:

Orders can be returned or canceled only by reaching out to us if they are in the "Pending Dispatch" status. Once an order is in the "Processing" or "Shipped" or "Dispatched" status, it cannot be canceled. Please contact our customer support to check your order's status.


4. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Refund and Cancellation Policy, please contact us at